Protecting Lily

Available 02/16/2016

Lily Green lives by her daily to-do list. Designing an exclusive lingerie collection for a world famous diamond company is a dream come true, until she meets the person hired to protect the diamonds. None of her lists prepare her for when she meets the sexy bodyguard.

Grayson Warren desperately needs a job to get his security business back on track. He never expected it would come from a website called “Manservant”, nor that the job would lead him to an infuriating but sexy, list making lingerie designer. Can Grayson show Lily there’s more to life than lists?

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The paper Lily held in her hand may as well have been blank for all the attention she gave it. In her mind, all she saw was a man in a sexy suit with a military short haircut and eyes that looked right into her soul. Uncompromising eyes. Eyes that held secrets, but demanded answers from everyone else. No compassion showed in their blue depths.

Grayson Warren had a presence you couldn’t ignore. And he was the man Rita said would be perfect for the job of providing security while she worked.

An unfamiliar emotion of restlessness overwhelmed her and she pushed back from her desk and started to pace.

Grayson Warren was the exact type of person she didn’t want anywhere near her. He would be overbearing. There was no way she could convince him that he should sit outside her workroom. He was too handsome and too distracting for the rest of the staff. Even the happily married Rita practically drooled when she first saw him. She can only imagine what the rest of her female staff would do when they clapped eyes on Mr. Manservant Security Man.

A brisk knock sounded and before she could say leave me alone the door flung open and in walked Rita and Grayson.

“Lily, Grayson wants to talk to you about the services he can provide for you.”

Taking a deep breath, she faced Grayson. “Mr. Warren, I think my assistant has made a mistake with regards to our security needs.”

“What are you talking about, Lil? I don’t make mistakes. We need security you know that,” retorted Rita.
Lily glared at her friend. “I know we need security. We just don’t need him.”

“Him is standing here you know. And from what I can see you certainly do need me. You’re a security disaster waiting to happen.”

Lily bristled under his brusque tone. She’d spent her whole life making decisions for herself and she hadn’t failed yet. She certainly wasn’t going to fail now. There had to be a security person out there who wouldn’t be an over the top man whose attitude spelled his way or the highway.

“We’ve never had a security disaster,” she emphasized. “ever.”

“Never say never,” he responded. His superior tone coming through with every word he spoke.

Summoning the courage she’d used to get where she was today. Lily looked up and faced Grayson square on. His eyes dared her to take him on. They were closed off to her now. She couldn’t see into his thoughts and she didn’t like it. Her earlier suspicion he was hiding things intensified. After having so many people deceive her with lying eyes. She wasn’t going to let be tricked again.

Not to mention his domineering ways. If those traits weren’t so obvious to her she’d be saying yes to have him provide security. As it stood now, if she employed Grayson she would be spending her days fighting with him instead of working.

“Look, Mr. Warren, I appreciate the time you’ve taken to come out and see us. But as I have the final say. Well I’m sorry, but no thank you. I think we will look at another firm to provide our security services.”

If Lily hadn’t been watching him so closely, she wouldn’t have seen the tightening around his mouth. Or the way his shoulders slumped for half a second before they straightened again.

“If that’s the way you feel. But let me tell you Ms. Green. You won’t find what you’re looking for in a decent security guard who knows how to do his job.”

Lily arched her eyebrow at him and crossed her arms across her chest. “Really? And what is that I’m supposed to be looking for?”

Grayson walked up to her desk, laid his palms face down on the surface and leaned forward. Every part of her wanted to take a step back. His presence and actions so overpowering. But she’d never backed down when a bully at one of her many foster homes threatened her.

“You, Ms. Green, want a security guard who will sit on his butt, drinking coffee while flicking through a magazine. You want said guard to be as far away from you as possible. You want a paper cutout security guard. And the person who takes that job is not worth the money you pay them.”

Try as she might, Lily couldn’t prevent the gasp from escaping her. Grayson had nailed exactly what she wanted. How had he done that? What had she said or done to give herself away?

Rita’s laughter rang out around the room. “Oh geez he’s got you there, Lil. He’s perfect. The job is yours Grayson Warren of Warren Security.”

“What?” exclaimed Lily. “No, no, no. He doesn’t have the job and you can’t give it to him.”

Rita walked over to Lily’s desk. “I can. As your Human Resources Manager slash Executive Assistant. You told me to deal with all staff appointments, so I am.”

“Seriously, Rita? This is tot—”

“What if I don’t want to take the job? Have you thought of that?” interrupted Grayson.

Relief swept through Lily. If Grayson didn’t want the job then her problem with having to deal with him was gone.

“Well, good. Glad we’re on the same page.” Lily headed toward the open door. “Thanks for stopping by Mr. Warren.”

She managed to direct her gaze on to Grayson’s face. It was set in a determined line. Lily’s stomach tightened up again as he sauntered over to where she stood.

“I said what if. I didn’t actually say I didn’t want to take the job.”

“Oh no, you can’t go and change your mind now.”

He smiled a cat’s-got-the-cream type smile. Lily knew the battle had been lost. His next words confirmed it. “Oh yes I can,” he turned to look at Rita. The traitor had a big smile on her face almost like she’d planned the whole situation. “Thank you, Rita, I’m happy to take on the role of providing security for Lily’s Lingerie.”