Barefoot Bay: Wrong Time for Mr. Right

Available 09/15/2017

It's never a wrong time for Mr. Right.

At the peak of her career, Hollywood star Sienna Fairley turns her back on it all when she finds herself the guardian of her brother’s son. Wanting to give the boy some stability she uproots them both and moves to Mimosa Key. The last person she expects to see is her handsome former Agent, Aaron Madison—the man she’s hidden a massive crush from since the moment she met him. But Aaron’s presence could threaten the new life she’s created.

Aaron Madison never thought he’d see the woman who caused him no end of grief when he arrived at the world famous Casa Blanca Resort, in Barefoot Bay, to be best man at a friend’s wedding. Sienna Fairley’s diva attitude was legendary, her tantrums memorable, but they’re nowhere to be seen now. In fact, her role as a mother shockingly seems to be one tailor made for her. An inconvenient attraction long buried bursts to life.

With the threat of a custody battle hanging over Sienna’s head, it’s the wrong time for Mr. Right to resurface in her life. Or is it the perfect time?

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Help needed! Save me from wedding planners and stressed out brides.

Aaron Madison chuckled as he read the text message from Tom Carrington, a client who was now his best friend. He strode into the lobby of the famous Casa Blanca Resort and typed out a response.

Just walked into the hotel. Let me check-in and I’ll call and rescue you.

You’re the best. If I see another flower or fabric choice I’m gonna lose my mind. There’s a reason I employ designers to do the interior of the houses on the show.

Although he might appear to be grumbling, Aaron had a feeling Tom was enjoying every second. He was smitten with his wife-to-be, Caryn and would no doubt sit through one hundred wedding planner meetings to make her happy.

He tried not envy his friend, but part of him wouldn’t mind having what Tom and Caryn had. Their relationship had certainly helped with the popularity of Tom’s show, Carrington’s Dream Homes. Of course, his dark hair, green eyes and rugged handyman looks helped as well.

The past season has seen record audience numbers with the network clamoring to sign Tom to another fat contract. The man’s happiness seemed to radiate off of him, onto the television screen and into viewers living rooms. The fact the demographic leaned more to the female variety didn’t hinder the show or its popularity.
As much as Aaron enjoyed his job and the commissions he earned from negotiating those large contracts, he was here to vacation and enjoy a little off time. He could worry about clients and shows in a couple of weeks’ time. He was beginning to feel jaded at the business; time away would do him good. Even though being best man at Tom’s wedding wasn’t quite leaving work behind.

“Can I help you, sir?”

He smiled at the lovely looking woman standing behind the desk. “Hi, I have a reservation, Aaron Madison.”

“Oh yes, Mr. Madison, you’re here for the Stapleton/Carrington wedding. We’re very excited they chose to have their wedding at our resort.”

Aaron didn’t doubt Casa Blanca Resort had a very good return guest rate. He’d only been standing in the lobby for about five minutes, already he could feel the tension radiating out of him. There was something in the air, a crispness and freshness he found hard to find in the smoggy streets of LA. “It’s a beautiful location for a wedding.”

“Just wait until you see the spectacular event Barefoot Brides will be putting on for them.” A few clicks later she’d looked up his info and held out a little envelope for Aaron. “Here you go. You’re in our beautiful Winter Iris Villa. You have your own private pool, as well as access to the beach. If you don’t mind waiting for a moment, one of our staff will take you to get settled in.”

“Oh no, that’s okay I’m meeting the groom in a couple of minutes.”

“In that case, the porter will ensure all your luggage is delivered to your villa. Enjoy your stay, Mr. Madison and if you need anything, my name is Ella, and I’ll be happy to help you.” She finished her marketing spiel with a dazzling smile.

“Thank you.” He pocketed his key, walked away from the desk, and called Tom.

“Hey, Aaron, are you here yet?”

What the heck? Didn’t Tom want Caryn to know they’d texted? Well, he could go along with that.

“Yeah, listen I need to tell you something. Can you meet me in the lobby, and we can get a drink or something?”

“Sure, hang on. Honey, Aaron needs to talk to me,” Tom’s words were muffled, as if he’d palmed the speaker. “I’m going to go meet him. I’ll see you back at the villa in half an hour or so?”

Aaron waited for a few beats, before the muffled conversation renewed. “It’s no wonder I love you.” He heard the sound of kissing and then a very clear, “Aaron?”

“Yeah, still here.”

“Great, stay where you are I’ll be out there in a couple of minutes.”

“Okay, see you soon.” The call ended and he gazed out the glass windows at the view of the bay the resort resided on. Barefoot Bay was picturesque and everything a beachside resort should have.

White sands.

Sparkling blue water.

Sienna Fairley walking toward the water, holding the hand of a small child.

What? Sienna Fairley? No it can’t be.

Sienna was blonde, not a brunette. And she certainly didn’t have a kid. No way could she have kept that hidden from him.

Aaron made a move to follow, when a hand landed on his shoulder.

“Hey, where you running to? You’re supposed to be waiting for me.”

He glanced once more at the woman, before facing Tom. He obviously had it wrong. No way could Sienna be anywhere near Barefoot Bay. It would be too quiet for her. In fact, he had no idea where his once star client had disappeared to.

All he’d received from her was one email stating she was quitting acting after finishing her current movie. She hadn’t even turned up for the opening.

The fans and public had speculated everything from a rehab stint to trekking the Nepalese mountains.
“Aaron? You okay?”

With a shake of his head, he focused on his friend. “Yeah, just thought I saw someone I know.”