Why a Lingerie Owner?

LaceForever_Ebook_FrontOnly_FINALIn my latest release “Lace Forever” part of the “At Her Service Anthology” my heroine is Lily Green. Lily has created her own lingerie line and company and is very successful. I based Lily and her company on a lingerie party plan company I worked for for 12 years.

Intimo Lingerie was the vision of a wonderful woman Sue Whyte. She had the idea that no matter what shape or size, whether you were a negative A cup or an F cup every woman deserved to have beautiful lingerie and she set out to create a company to provide that service. The genius of her plan was to make it a party plan company so women could try on lingerie in their own home with friends and family while drinking wine and having fun.

Intimo was coming up to it’s second birthday when I went to a party at my sister’s place. This was back in August 1997. It wasn’t the ideal time to look at starting a new business as I was getting married in November but I feel in love with the product and could see myself selling it. And I did for twelve years. The reason I stopped selling it was because I moved to the USA and Intimo is unavailable over here. Which is a shame because the garments are really beautiful. I look at what drew me in that Tuesday night to what is currently available and the company has evolved so much.

I got a real buzz out of helping women find a bra they loved and felt fabulous in. I had a lot of fun selling and meeting some wonderful people. Some of those people have followed me over to my new career as an Author. For that I’m extremely grateful.

So Lace Forever is a nod to a woman who had a wonderful vision and left our world far too soon. The story also shares with people a part of my past.

I hope you enjoy Lily and Grayson’s story and all the other ones in the At Her Service Anthology.


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